Warning Systems

Tornado Sirens

Tornado sirens throughout Lapeer County:

  • Attica Township
  • Almont Township
  • Arcadia Township
  • Burlington Township
  • Columbiaville
  • Deerfield Township
  • Dryden Township
  • Elba Township
  • Goodland Township
  • City of Lapeer
  • Hadley Township
  • Imlay City
  • Metamora Township
  • North Branch Township
  • Otter Lake

*The sirens are tested the 1st Saturday of the month at 1:00 p.m. April through October.

The test lasts approximately 3 minutes and has a solid blast tone. Other than for testing purposes, the sirens will only be activated for tornadoes. The test will be canceled if threatening weather conditions exist at the time of the test. Also, remember that the sirens are designed to warn people out of doors. They were not designed to penetrate buildings or wake you from sleep.

If a siren does not sound during a test or a real event, please contact your local fire department with jurisdiction over the area where the siren is located.