Public Awareness & 9-1-1 For Kids

Public Awareness & 9-1-1 For Kids

A 911 system is only as good as the citizens who use it. Educating our citizens in the proper use of 911 will enhance the effectiveness of our system and create a positive perception of our entire emergency network. Lapeer County Central Dispatch is recognized as the single point of contact for all public safety response throughout our county. In an effort to better inform our citizens as to the use of our 911 system, we offer programs that are both educational and informative. These programs are presented at schools, civic groups, church groups, safety fairs, and other requested functions.

911 for Kids

Children as young as two years of age have saved lives by dialing 911 when help was needed. Teaching children the proper use of 911 is an essential responsibility of Lapeer County Central Dispatch, and is taken very seriously. These presentations are designed for children from 4 – 8 years of age. The programs are entertaining, informative, and include 911 materials to take home. There is no cost to the school, and a representative of our department presents the program.

The objectives of our programs are:

  • Introduce students to 911
  • Stress the importance of knowing their address and phone number
  • How to interact with 911 personnel
  • How to recognize an emergency
  • How to summon help

Our programs for children are interactive, fun, exciting, and give valuable information the child can apply to everyday life. We use a video that teaches how, when, and why to dial 911. When NOT to dial 911 is also explained. Within the video, puppets and a “superhero” explain how 911 works, who answers the 911 call, what questions will be asked, and the correct way to answer these questions. The video is 18 minutes in length and holds the attention of most children. A “pretend”, interactive phone is also used to allow each child a chance to “dial” 911 so they will not be afraid and will know what to expect should they have to dial 911 in a real emergency.

To schedule a presentation for your class, contact the administrative office at 810-667-0217 extension 2.