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National EMS Week 2019

Emergency Medical Services is a vital aspect of public safety and the job of the people performing these duties are absolutely critical to every citizen in our communities.

From the medical first responders, emergency medical technicians, basic, specialist, and paramedics to the hospital staff of nurses and doctors these are the people not only trained but dedicated to saving our lives. One of the promises of The Hippocratic Oath includes “first do no harm”. It is this promise that promotes the level of care you provide to patients in need of medical treatment. It comes with an outstanding attitude, care, and concern for our safety and well being when we are in need the most that you give us.

With your dedication to duty and extensive training, you are there 24 hours a day ready to jump in and save a life when the call comes. Whether it is from a terrible vehicle crash, an assault or other medical ailments we know that you are prepared and willing to be there for us and give us another chance at life.

That excellence in care and training that you exhibit every day when responding to citizens in need is greatly appreciated. We take this entire week to recognize and thank you for your tireless loyalty to the training required and the duty to respond to save lives.
Jeffrey Satkowski Executive Director

International Firefighters’ Day 2019

To be a firefighter takes a special type of dedication. It takes a person who is willing to sacrifice not only their time and effort but sometimes their lives.

The all-volunteer fire service in Lapeer County is made up of people who give freely of their time to serve and protect our community. This includes highly technical and physical training, education, regular meetings, and continued learning. It also means that these volunteers keep a pager on hand at all times and get up when it sounds and respond to the calls for help. This can be during the day, in the middle of the night, in the rain, snow or heat and even on holidays. The people who serve are ready and willing to go at all times to save people, children and even animals from fires.

While we’re running out of a burning structure, you are running into it to make sure everyone gets out and is safe. You’re there to rescue us from automobile crashes and cut us out of the vehicle. You’re there to pull us out of the ice cold water when we fall through. You’re also there to help educate us about fire safety and show us how to prevent fires. Sometimes you give your lives in order to save ours.

It is because of these sacrifices that we are eternally grateful for your service to our community.

On behalf of myself and all of the people at Lapeer County Central Dispatch, thank you.

Jeffrey Satkowski Executive Director

National Law Enforcement Day 2019

Our national defense from external threats is provided by the Department of Defense and our esteemed branches of the military. They guard us against foreign threats by nation states and terrorists by bringing what we call “force projection” to the world outside of our borders. We carry the fight and our defense, to them, our foes and would be enemies. We do this as a national strategy to prevent any conflict from occurring on our shores.

In no small part and many personal ways, our nation’s civilian law enforcement guards and protects the populace in an equally meaningful and vital way. They are a force projection within our communities.

You, our officers are always on patrol with a watchful and caring eye looking out for the well being and safety of our local communities. You stand at the ready to serve and protect your families, and your communities from those who would do us harm.

You are on the front lines, our streets, and highways, watching over us and caring for us when we are in need. From helping someone down on their luck to find a place stay for the night or to get a meal, to just being that one person who gives a lending ear to someone who is having a rough emotional time while providing them a shoulder to cry on when there was no one else, you are always there for us.

You are there to investigate crimes and bring criminals to justice. You help provide that force in the legal system which brings closure to families who’ve been affected by heinous acts of incivility. You are the torch bearer who helps guide a light of peace and civility where there is none. You are there to help deliver a new life into this world, and you are also there when life departs this world. You see all facets of society and are there to shoulder the burden it brings. You ensure that balance, common good and prosperity are effectuated for all in our pursuit of happiness.

You put your lives on the line every single day and sometimes you have to give your lives to save an innocent citizen’s life. It is because of your sacrifices, your commitments to duty, to family and to the community for which we are all thankful.

On this National Law Enforcement Day, 2019, I wish to express my gratitude for your services to our communities and our nation.

On behalf of myself and all of the people at Lapeer County Central Dispatch, thank you.

Jeffrey Satkowski Executive Director

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Scam using “911” Caller ID in Michigan

There have been reports of a caller ID spoofing incident using “911” as the callback number here in Michigan. A bad actor using 911 as the caller ID called a citizen and said that someone in their family had been in an accident and started to ask for personal information. The citizen called her family member and found out they were fine.

If this ever happens to you, please remember this:

  • If you get a voice call from 911, it will NOT be on a 911 line. If the 911 center calls you, it will always be on a 10-digit line, not a 911 line.
  • The only time that the digits 911 will show up as an incoming communication will be via a text.
  • If you receive a call from someone who says that they are from 911 or other public safety department (police, fire, or EMS), ask them for the number they can be reached at and call them back.
  • Never give your social security, credit card, or insurance information over the phone.

If you think you have been spoofed or scammed in this manner, please contact us at 810-667-0292 or the Michigan State Police Cyber Crimes unit at 1-877-MI-CYBER (1-877-642- 9237) or email to Michigan Cyber Command Center (MC3):

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We’re launching a newsletter designed to provide you with handy information and tips on how to better protect yourself from online threats. Some of those threats include, malware, viruses, advertising tracking and more.

Online threats are real and changing rapidly everyday and its important to take active steps to protect against them. the bad guys are out to steal your identity and your money or even use you to attack other online entities for money, social and political aims.

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Lapeer City | Fatal car vs pedestrian traffic crash

On 02-15-2018, at approximately 6:29 pm, Lapeer City units responded to Nepessing St. east of Saginaw St. for a reported traffic crash with injuries. The investigation found that a 65-year-old male from Metamora, Michigan, driving a 2010 Honda Fit, was traveling West on Nepessing St. The vehicle left the westbound lane and entered on to the sidewalk located on the North side of the roadway. The vehicle struck a pedestrian that was walking Eastbound on the sidewalk. The vehicle continued traveling west along the roadway and impacted a tree located on the north side of Nepessing St. The driver of the vehicle was transported to the McLaren-Lapeer Region Hospital by ambulance with non-life threatening injuries.

The female struck by the vehicle was found deceased at the scene. She was identified as Heather Anna Chambers, a 39-year-old female from Lapeer.

It is unknown at this time what caused the vehicle to leave the roadway. There are indications that the vehicle was traveling at an excessive speed after leaving the roadway. At this point in the ongoing investigation, it is not believed that alcohol was a contributing factor. The incident remains under investigation.

Date and Time of Release: 02-16-2018 @ 7:30am
Officers Name: D/Sgt Craig Gormley

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