Confirmed Tornado

On Thursday 03-15-2012 at 6:41PM, Lapeer County 911 received a call from an individual that observed
a rotating funnel cloud make ground contact near German Road in Columbiaville. Lapeer County 911
was notified by the National Weather Service that Lapeer County was under a tornado warning.

Screenshot of the tornado taken from the iPhone app RadarScope.

Lapeer County Sheriffs Investigators discovered that two barns sustained considerable damage with
overturned farm implements immediately near German Road in Columbiaville. The residence was
approximately 500 feet behind a damaged barn. The home owners sought shelter within their basement.
Damage pattern is consistent with rotational force winds. Numerous individuals observed the tornado.
The home owners and numerous horses within a barn were not injured.

There was a void to the southeast for approximately 2 miles before another area of significant damage.
The damage consisted of numerous down-uprooted trees, down power lines, and damage to vehicles. The
damage pattern in this region is consistent with rotational force winds.

A two level residence was completely removed from the foundation (destroyed two car attached garage)
on Carpenter Road in Lapeer. The home owners were within the basement when the house was
separated from the foundation. When the residence and foundation separated, the home owners used
furniture for protection. Numerous individuals reported observing the tornado strike the residence. The
damage pattern to the residence is consistent with rotational force winds.

There was a three mile region that sustained storm damage. The tornado traveled in an east to southeast
direction. There are no reported injuries or deaths associated. Lapeer County Emergency Management
notified the National Weather Service who is expected to survey the damage on Friday 03-16-2012.

UPDATE: On Friday 03-16-2012:
The National Weather Service surveyed the storm damage on Friday 03-16-2012. It was
confirmed that the damage was created by an EF2 tornado (wind speeds between 111 MPH and
135 MPH). The tornado was on the ground for 9 minutes and traveled four to five miles.

Investigator: Jason G. Parks, Detective Sgt

The EF2 Tornado in Oregon Township on March 15th of 2012 is the first confirmed tornado in Lapeer County during the month of March.   It is the third strongest tornado in our county.

1)         EF5 tornado   06-08-1953

2)         EF4 tornado   06-08-1953 (about an hour after the first)

Both these tornado were near Columbiaville and part of the Flint- Beecher Tornado.

Every other recorded tornado was either an EF0 or EF1 until yesterday.

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