Construction Begins in Metamora

Construction began in Metamora with improvements to the road (old railroad) and clearing of the area leading to the site. The road improvements are necessary so that the heavy construction equipment can get to the site.

Microwave System Work

This week Motorola/ERS will be putting up new microwave dishes on the Lapeer and Imlay City towers for the new system. These dish’s will be dual system capable, meaning they will be able to operate our analog and forthcoming digital system simultaneously. Preparation work began this morning and early Friday will be the dish cut-over.

We are also in the midst of developing our frequency plan and control channel frequencies for the new system, but nothing is finalized yet. Most of our FCC licenses are in for the 800MHz, 150MHz and microwave systems.

Subscriber programming will be coming up soon and templates are being prepared now.

We are also still waiting on some state and federal studies to conclude before we can begin construction on the new tower in Metamora and we’re working with local officials in North Branch for our much smaller paging tower to be built there.

At this time, we’re anticipating a full system cut-over sometime in September and will realize a new system with 6 voice sites and 8 paging sites to provide excellent county-wide coverage for first responders.

New Police Data System

Last week we deployed our new data system for police in-car computers using Sprint USB Internet air cards and NetMotion’s Mobility XE VPN software.

20120414-173753.jpgAs part of our system upgrades, we partnered with local Lapeer/Genesee Sprint dealer, Intouch Communications for Internet air cards to provide high-speed connectivity from the patrol car back to Central Dispatch’s servers.

Providing an encrypted, secure path through the Internet to our servers is the mobile VPN software NetMotion Mobility XE, which we secured through a federal Homeland Security grant.

Local law enforcement agencies along with the Michigan State Police, who are deploying and integrating their own air card system with Lapeer County Central Dispatch, are very pleased with the go-anywhere, high-speed access to run their applications in the car.

Our old proprietary Motorola closed network data system had been running for the last 15 years, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and in a most odd coincidence, had quit working altogether quite literally as the last police department was picking up their new air cards at Dispatch. This system was scheduled to be turned off and removed in 2 weeks.

The old systems speed was at a mind-numbing slow speed of 9kbps, much slower than the old 56k dial up modems from the 1990’s through 2000’s. That system was also bound to the borders or range of our radio towers within the county.

The new system with Sprint, allows officers to travel out of county and still maintain a connection with Dispatch.

With this much faster system, we will be working on bringing more tools and applications to the officers in their cars, such as full LEIN/NCIC access, crash reporting and other police reporting programs. This will increase the officers efficiency and timeliness in the field while on calls.

Imlay City Shelter In Place

On Thursday March 29th, the new shelter was set into place at the Imlay City Tower site. This shelter with generator inside, weighed in at 81,000 pounds and was carefully picked up by a crane and gently set into place.

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New Burnside Township Tower Rises This Week

This week the new 350′ tower rose from the ground. It will support new 800MHz digital voice and paging  communications as well as point-to-point microwave links to our other tower sites. This site will support all of our public safety operations in the area surrounding the tower on the Michigan Public Safety Communications System (MPSCS).

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New Burnside Township Tower