Almont Shelter & Generator in Place

Today we got the shelter and generator put into place on its foundation at the Almont water tower. The shelter houses two rooms: one for the radio equipment and the other for the generator. The whole unit weighs 77,000 pounds.

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Burnside Tower Site Work

Work has begun at our new Burnside Township tower site. The Lapeer County Road Commissions has graciously cleared and leveled the area where the tower will be and Motorola/Pyramid Network Services have dug the foundations for the tower, shelter and anchor points. Concrete started flowing into them this morning. This tower will be 350 feet tall and carry digital 800MHz, VHF paging and microwave equipment for our new digital MPSCS radio system. Follow the link below for more pictures of the site work.

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Tower base which will be set in concrete to hold the tower up.

Motorola APX 6000 Portable Radio

The Motorola APX 6000 portable radio is one of the company’s newest radios to be released. Through our migration project to the MPSCS, we will be purchasing many of these for various agencies in Lapeer County.

You can read more about the radio and see it’s technical specifications on the Motorola Solutions website.

The Lapeer City Fire Department was awarded a grant to purchase 5 of these radios and chose to get them with a green housing. The ones we will be purchasing will come with the standard black housing.