Halloween Night Safety Tips From The Sheriff’s Department

Before you head out on Halloween night, here are a few safety tips:

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  • Choose bright, flame-retardant costumes or add reflective take to costumes and candy bags so children are easily seen in the dark. In addition, trick-or-treaters should carry a glow stick or flashlight.
  • Keep flammable items, such as your jack-o-lantern, away from small children, pets and flammable materials such as draperies, furniture and paper decorations. Never leave a candle burning unattended.
  • Watch costumed children around pets. The pet may not recognize the child and become frightened, especially if the child is using a prop such as a sword or dagger.
  • Avoid hard plastic or wooden props, opting instead for items made of foam rubber, which is soft and flexible.
  • Plan a trick-or-treating route in familiar neighborhoods with well-lit streets. Avoid unfamiliar neighborhoods, streets that are isolated or homes that are poorly lit inside or outside.
  • Never send young children out alone. They should always be accompanied by a parent or another trusted adult. Older children should always travel in groups.
  • Always walk younger children to the door to receive treats and don’t let children enter a home unless you are with them.
  • Be sure children do not approach any vehicle, occupied or not, unless you are with them.
  • Watch for traffic and avoid walking in the street whenever possible.
  • Know the route your children are following. Children should always walk together to the front door of each house and only cross the street at crosswalks.
  • Make sure your children know your phone number(s) and address in case you get separated.
  • Teach your children to say “NO!” and “this is NOT my mother/father” in a loud voice if someone tries to get them to go somewhere, accept anything other than a treat, or leave with them. Also teach them to make every effort to get away by kicking, screaming and resisting.
  • Remind your children not to eat any candy until you get home and can inspect it.
  • Remember to drive slowly and carefully on Halloween, especially through neighborhoods. Some children may be wearing costumes which make them difficult to see.