Coverage Testing Complete

photoThis week two teams from Lapeer County and Motorola Solutions drove every eight-tenths of a mile doing radio checks back to dispatch to measure the level of coverage with the new radio system. There were over 1,000 grid squares to cover. They used only 3-watt portable radios (APX 6000) attenuated to -6db for the majority of the test and then used a radio attenuated to -15db inside the city areas of the county to simulate transmitting from inside a building.

It took the two teams three days to complete the testing, traveling at an average speed of 40 mph. Many times, they had to circle around grid squares to find a way inside another grid square to perform a radio check.

The system was set up with two channels on a specific MPSCS talkgroup enabled only on our six sites for the test. No other towers were utilized outside of the county for the test. We needed to be sure that only our sites were being tested.

The results of the test were phenomenal and exceeded our expectations in several areas of the county where the analog system fails consistently. Areas where a 35-watt mobile radio cannot function on the analog system, a 3-watt portable radio on the digital system was successfully able to operate. The new digital system performed exceptionally well.