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Water Rescue: Lapeer County Deputy Saves Mans Life

Lapeer County Sheriff EmblemOn Saturday 11-12-2016 at 4:18 PM, Lapeer County 911 dispatched Lapeer County Sheriff’s Deputies, Michigan State Police Troopers, and Department of Natural Resources Officer to a water rescue on Twin Lake in North Branch. Twin Lake is located approximately ½ mile off Kings Mill Road (Lapeer County’s Arcadia Township).

Anthony Hentschel age 45 from St. Clair Shores was hunting within a wooded area near Twin Lake when he heard someone yelling for help. Hentschel was able to determine the cry for help was originating from Twin Lake. Hentschel observed a male approximately 100 yards off shore clinging to an overturned canoe. Due to water soaked clothing and cold water temperature, the male was unable to swim toward the shore. The situation became worse when the canoe started sinking.

Lapeer County Sheriff’s Deputy Dan Kohler, a member of the drive team responded. Due to the canoe sinking, immediate action needed to be taken to save the man’s life. Deputy Kohler immediately changed into dive gear which he carries within the patrol unit.

Lapeer County Sheriff’s Deputies were able to attach multiple water rescue discs together and attach them to an inflatable floatation vest provided by the DNR. Deputy Kohler swam out to the individual while carrying the floatation vest and line. Deputies manually pulled the male to the shore using the rope lines and vest before the canoe sank.

The male was identified as Michael Gamalski age 56 from Port Huron. Gamalski stated that he was pulling up an anchor when the canoe overturned. Gamalski was very grateful for the quick actions of Deputy Kohler and all the officers involved in his rescue. Gamalski was subsequently transported to McLaren- Lapeer and later released.

Due to Twin Lake being an isolated and rural georgraphic area, Anthony Hentschel, Deputy Dan Kohler, and numerous other officers played a critical role in saving Michael Gamalski’s life.

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Suspicious Death Update, Elba Township

Lapeer County Sheriff EmblemOn Saturday 11-12-2016, Lapeer County Sheriff’s Investigator presented this case to the Lapeer County Prosecutor’s Office.   Lapeer County Prosecutor Tim Turkelson and Assistant Prosecutor Emil Joseph issued the following formal criminal charges.

  1. Disinterment and Mutilation of a dead body (10 year felony)
  2. Tampering with Evidence (4 year felony)
  3. Habitual Offender

Rodney Tureaud age 36 from Flint was arraigned in the 71-A District Court of Lapeer on Saturday 11-12-2016.

Bond was set at $1,000,000.   Currently, Tureaud remains incarcerated in the Lapeer County Jail.  The next scheduled court appearance is later this month.


Rodney Tureaud age 36- Flint, MI Booking photograph courtesy of the Lapeer County Jail
Rodney Tureaud age 36- Flint, MI
Booking photograph courtesy of the Lapeer County Jail


The victim is Amy Kagen age 37 from Flint, Michigan.  An autopsy was performed on Saturday 11-12-2016.  Autopsy findings will not be available for a few more weeks.

This remains an active investigation by the Lapeer County Sheriff’s Office with no further information available at this time.

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Suspicious Death, Elba Township

Lapeer County Sheriff EmblemOn Wednesday 11-09-2016 around noon, the Lapeer County Sheriff’s Office received tip information regarding a buried body on private property at a residence located on Davison Road in Lapeer (Elba Township). Deputies immediately visited the residence and independently verified that a area of ground appeared to be consistent with a fresh grave site.

A search warrant was sought and granted for the premises. Lapeer County Deputies excavated the dirt sufficient enough to confirm that a human body was buried. The Michigan State Police Bridgeport Crime Lab was summoned to aid Lapeer County Deputies with evidence collection when retrieving the deceased individual from the burial site.

The dismembered decedent was transported to the Lapeer County Medical Examiner’s Office for autopsy. Deputies were able to identify the decedent as a 37 year old female from Flint. The death had recently occurred. Lapeer County Deputies continued the investigation on Thursday 11-10-2016. Preliminary investigation suggested that the home/property owner is not involved. During the afternoon hours, a 36 year old male from Flint was developed as a person of interest. The 36 year old from Flint is an acquaintance of the Davison Road home owner.

Lapeer County Sheriff’s Deputies obtained a search warrant for the 36 year old Flint man’s residence which is located within a residential area near the major intersections of Center Road and Lapeer Road within the City of Flint. The Flint Office of the ATF, Genesee County Sheriff’s Deputies, and Lapeer County Sheriff’s Special Response Team assisted Lapeer County Sheriff’s Detectives executed the search warrant in Flint around 5 PM on Thursday 11-10-2016. While executing the search warrant in Flint, the 36 year old male was located and taken into
custody. This individual was lodged in the Lapeer County Jail.

The death is being deemed “suspicious” and no formal criminal charges have been filed. This remains an active investigation by the Lapeer County Sheriff’s Office and further information will be available at a later date.

Date of release: Friday 11-11-2016 Authority: D/Sgt. Jason Parks


Press Release: Car Pedestrian Traffic Fatality, Lapeer township

Lapeer County Sheriff EmblemOn Sunday 10-16-2016 at 5:54 AM, Lapeer County 911 dispatched Lapeer County Sheriff’s Deputies to a car-pedestrian injury traffic crash on Clark Road to the north of Turrill Road in Lapeer (Lapeer County’s Lapeer Township).

David Houghtaling age 44 from Lapeer was walking north on Clark Road. Originally, Houghtaling was walking along the east edge of the roadway. A 2010 Dodge Avenger was traveling south on Clark Road driven by Jason Morrell age 43 from Lapeer. It was before sunrise and the area does not have street lightening. Rain was not occurring when the crash occurred.

Morrell reported that he observed Houghtaling before the collision. Houghtaling waived one of his hands while walking along the east roadway edge. As Morrell approached, Houghtaling walked into the travel portion of the roadway waiving both of his hands. Morrell stated intentions of driving past Houghtaling before stopping. Houghtaling ran toward Morrell’s vehicle as he approached. Statements and evidence (vehicle damage) supports that Houghtaling ran into the driver’s side of Morrell’s vehicle.

After the initial impact, Houghtaling came to rest on the ground within the northbound lane. Morrell stopped along the west roadway shoulder to call 911. A 2007 Nissan Murano driven by 20 year old Rafi Salim from Farmington Hills was traveling north on Clark Road. Salim subsequently struck Houghtaling a second while he was positioned on the ground within the northbound lane.

Houghtaling was transported by ambulance to McLaren in Lapeer and pronounced deceased at 6:29 AM. Morrell and Salim are both cooperating with deputies and alcohol involvement on their behalf has been ruled out. Alcohol involvement on the part of Houghtaling remains under investigation.

The roadway was closed for approximately 1 ½ hours for rescue and investigative purposes. Lapeer County Sheriff’s Deputies were assisted at the scene by Officers with the City of Lapeer Police Department. This case remains under investigation by the Lapeer County Sheriff’s Office. Anyone with information is requested to contact Detective Sgt. Jason Parks at 810-656-1015 or

Press Release: Armed Robbery – Gas Station in Mayfield Township

On Friday 10-14-2016 at 2:29 AM,   Lapeer County 911 Center dispatched Lapeer County Sheriff’s Deputies to the Beacon and Bridge Gas Station located at 1898 N. Lapeer Road in Lapeer (Lapeer County’s Mayfield Township) for an armed robbery that just occurred.

The 19 year old store employee told deputies that they were stocking the shelves and not immediately positioned behind the counter when the suspect entered the building.   The suspect walked behind the counter to the cash registered. The employee encountered the suspect while he was behind the counter at the register.  The suspect produced a weapon and demanded cash.  The employee provided cash (amount not being disclosed) from the register to the suspect.

The suspect fled the store on foot.  The 19 year old employee and only individual inside the building at the time of the armed robbery was not harmed.

Pictures from store video
Pictures from store video


Pictures from store video
Pictures from store video

White male with estimated height of 5-10 tall
Estimated weight range of 180 and 200 pounds
Estimated age range estimated at 30 to 40 years old
Blond facial hair noticed beneath the mask (either beard or goatee)

Black ski mask
Blue coat (thin- baggy style with hood pulled over head)
Dark pants
Dark shoes

No vehicles associated.  The suspect fled the building on foot and was last observed running south in direction toward Lapeer.

Lapeer County Sheriff’s Deputies with the assistance of the City of Lapeer Police Department, Metamora Township, and Dryden Police Department established a perimeter.  Michigan State Police Canine Team responded to assist.   Despite efforts, the suspect was not immediately located.

Anyone with information or can identify this individual is requested to contact Lapeer County Sheriff’s Detective Sgt. Jason Parks at 810-656-1015 or   Information can also called into the Lapeer County Sheriff’s Tip line (810-245-1374).

Fatal ORV Traffic Crash: Attica Township

Lapeer County Sheriff EmblemOn Friday 09-16-2016 at 6:41 PM, Lapeer County 911 dispatched Lapeer County Sheriff’s Deputies to Mountain Drive (private drive) in Attica for an injury traffic crash involving an off road vehicle.

Manuel Felix age 33 from Attica was operating a 2004 Suzuki Z400 northbound. Felix was not wearing a helmet and performing “wheelies” when the unit overturned. Felix was ejected and landed on the asphalt pavement.

Suzuki Z400- not actual vehicle involved in event
Suzuki Z400- not actual vehicle involved in event

Felix was transported to McLaren- Lapeer due to the injuries sustained. On Tuesday 09-20-2016 at 5:35 PM, Felix succumbed to his injuries at McLaren- Lapeer.

The reckless/careless operation of the ORV and alcohol are contributing factors in this fatal traffic crash which remains under investigation by the Lapeer County Sheriff’s Office.

Lapeer Post Troopers Receive Bravery Award


Lapeer Post Troopers Receive Bravery Award

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                                                         September 21, 2016


LANSING, MICH. At a special ceremony held in Lansing, Michigan State Police (MSP) Director Col. Kriste Kibbey Etue presented Tpr. Jared Grigg and Tpr. John Sholtz of the Lapeer Post with the MSP Bravery Award for their diligence and perseverance under uncommon circumstances and for going beyond what is typically expected of most law enforcement officers.


On January 4, 2016, Grigg and Sholtz responded to a residential fire in the city of Lapeer. They observed the home fully engulfed and that the front door was unapproachable due to flames. A bystander told them children’s screams could be heard from inside the home.


Grigg and Sholtz gained entry through the back door of the home and searched the first floor, which was already engulfed in fire and full of thick smoke. Sholtz found an unresponsive 6-year-old boy on the floor of the attached garage and carried him out to Grigg. Sholtz went back in to search for additional children and shortly after, dispatch informed him there were no other children inside of the home.


The boy was treated by emergency medical personnel and recovered. In awarding the department’s Bravery Award, the MSP Board of Awards found that the courageous actions of Grigg and Sholtz undoubtedly saved the child’s life.


Grigg enlisted with the department in 2012, graduating as a member of the 124th Trooper Recruit School.


Sholtz enlisted with the department in 1994, graduating as a member of the 110th Trooper Recruit School. Prior to serving at the Lapeer Post, Sholtz was assigned to the Hastings and Richmond posts, as well as the Gaming Section.


Ms. Lori Dougovito, MSP Public Affairs, 517-284-3223 or

Fatal Traffic Crash: Attica Township

Lapeer County Sheriff EmblemOn Monday 09-19-2016 at 11:36 PM, Lapeer County 911 dispatched Lapeer County Sheriff’s Deputies to an injury motorcycle crash on Peppermill Road between Lake George Road and Force Road in Attica.

Brian Putnik age 43 from Columbiaville was traveling west on Peppermill Road operating a 2011 Harley Davidson motorcycle. The area is rural and unlighted. There is a farm field on the south side of the roadway with a row of trees parallel to the road. A deer (doe) entered the roadway traveling north in direction.

Putnik applied his brakes prior to striking the deer. The deer attached to the front of the motorcycle and both traveled to the north shoulder of the roadway.

Putnik was not wearing a helmet and possessed a valid cycle endorsement with the Michigan Secretary of State. Putnik was pronounced deceased at the scene. The deer did not survive.

Neither excessive speed (unposted 55 MPH speed limit) nor alcohol appear to be contributing factor.

The roadway was closed for approximately two hours. Lapeer County Sheriff’s Deputies were assisted at the scene by Michigan State Police Troopers from the Lapeer Post and Lapeer County EMS Ambulance Service.