Detroit Red Wings & Make-A-Wish Foundation

Our Administrative Assistant, Cheryl Mercier, and her son, Tristan Parent, step-son to Michigan State Police Trooper Jason Mercier, is 15 and in a wheelchair with brittle bone disease. They applied to the Make-A-Wish Foundation for a chance to visit the Detroit Red Wings and Tristan’s wish was granted.

This past Monday, they got their opportunity to go to the Joe Louis Arena to make the wish come true.

Henrik Zetterberg of the Detroit Red Wings and Tristan Parent

The Red Wings sent a limo up to get them early in the morning and drove them all the way there, and dropped them off inside the arena. Henrik Zetterberg is his favorite player and got to meet him. He even gave him an autographed hockey stick. Henrik spent a good 30 minutes or so talking with him.

Then they took him out on the ice and spent time with Todd Bertuzzi and his young son slapping pucks around. The goalie coach gave him a whistle and let him direct the goalie practice drills for awhile. Tristan spent about an hour out on the ice, in his wheel chair and got see the Red Wings morning skate. Tristan was even doing doughnuts on the ice in his wheelchair too!

Then they brought him to the locker room where he spent more time with some of the players and talked hockey with him. They brought him out to the players tunnel and had a photo-op with him and many of the players, including Nicklas Lidstrom, Todd Bertuzzi, Drew Miller, Pavel Datsyuk, Jonathan Ericsson and Mickey Redmond.

During the pre-game practice between the Red Wings and Blue Jackets, he (and his folks) got to sit in the penalty box and watch the practice. One of the Blue Jackets players flipped up a puck and gave it to him too.

Just before the game, Coach Mike Babcock brought him into his office and showed him around, explained how he decides what lines to play and the different strategies he plays depending on the opponent that night. The Coach spent about an hour with him.

Between the 2nd & 3rd periods, they did a special program with him that aired on TV.

After the game, the limo took them all home. Tristan says no one is allowed to touch the hockey stick and even slept with it that night.

The Detroit Red Wings organization & the Make-A-Wish Foundation are a class act all around.

Here is the article and a video special they made.

Confirmed Tornado

On Thursday 03-15-2012 at 6:41PM, Lapeer County 911 received a call from an individual that observed
a rotating funnel cloud make ground contact near German Road in Columbiaville. Lapeer County 911
was notified by the National Weather Service that Lapeer County was under a tornado warning.

Screenshot of the tornado taken from the iPhone app RadarScope.

Lapeer County Sheriffs Investigators discovered that two barns sustained considerable damage with
overturned farm implements immediately near German Road in Columbiaville. The residence was
approximately 500 feet behind a damaged barn. The home owners sought shelter within their basement.
Damage pattern is consistent with rotational force winds. Numerous individuals observed the tornado.
The home owners and numerous horses within a barn were not injured.

There was a void to the southeast for approximately 2 miles before another area of significant damage.
The damage consisted of numerous down-uprooted trees, down power lines, and damage to vehicles. The
damage pattern in this region is consistent with rotational force winds.

A two level residence was completely removed from the foundation (destroyed two car attached garage)
on Carpenter Road in Lapeer. The home owners were within the basement when the house was
separated from the foundation. When the residence and foundation separated, the home owners used
furniture for protection. Numerous individuals reported observing the tornado strike the residence. The
damage pattern to the residence is consistent with rotational force winds.

There was a three mile region that sustained storm damage. The tornado traveled in an east to southeast
direction. There are no reported injuries or deaths associated. Lapeer County Emergency Management
notified the National Weather Service who is expected to survey the damage on Friday 03-16-2012.

UPDATE: On Friday 03-16-2012:
The National Weather Service surveyed the storm damage on Friday 03-16-2012. It was
confirmed that the damage was created by an EF2 tornado (wind speeds between 111 MPH and
135 MPH). The tornado was on the ground for 9 minutes and traveled four to five miles.

Investigator: Jason G. Parks, Detective Sgt

The EF2 Tornado in Oregon Township on March 15th of 2012 is the first confirmed tornado in Lapeer County during the month of March.   It is the third strongest tornado in our county.

1)         EF5 tornado   06-08-1953

2)         EF4 tornado   06-08-1953 (about an hour after the first)

Both these tornado were near Columbiaville and part of the Flint- Beecher Tornado.

Every other recorded tornado was either an EF0 or EF1 until yesterday.

Get RadarScope from the iTunes store here. [iPad version is also available]

Bank Robbery Suspect Sought By Imlay City Police

IMLAY CITY — Imlay City Police, along with lawmen from the Lapeer County Sheriff’s Dept., Michigan State Police and FBI, are searching eastern Lapeer County for a lone gunman who walked into the Talmer Bank & Trust office at 10:40 a.m. March 2, 2012 on South Cedar Street demanding money.

Police are looking for a white man in his 20s with a medium build and brown hair. He’s believed to be armed with a handgun. He was said to be wearing a Nike-brand ball cap (red) and sun glasses.

The suspect is believed to have driven off in a four-door black or dark blue car, possibly a Chevrolet Malibu, that was heavily covered with dirt up to the door handles.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Imlay City Police Dept. at 810-724-2345.

Ice Rescue in Imlay Twp

PRESS RELEASE, for immediate release

Ice rescue in Imlay Twp

On 17 February 2012 at 7:56 PM, Lapeer County Central Dispatch received a 911 call from an Imlay Twp residence requesting help for her husband. The caller stated their dog had fallen through the ice in the middle of their pond and her husband, who was trying to rescue the dog, had also broken through the thin ice.

The Lapeer County Sheriff’s Dept (LCSD), Lapeer County EMS (LC- EMS), Imlay City Fire Dept (ICFD) and Attica Twp FDs responded to the 2000 block of S. Van Dyke in Imlay Twp to rescue a human who had fallen through the ice. Due to the reported conditions, the LCSD dive team was also activated. LCSD Sgt Nesbit arrived within five (5) minutes of being dispatched and ICFD arrived shortly after. Attica Twp FD responded with their full complement of ice rescue equipment.

Upon arrival, the male homeowner was about 20 feet away from shore sitting on a pontoon pedal boat and the family dog was about 70 – 80 feet out in open water, surrounded by broken ice. Sgt Nesbit determined the homeowner was not in the water and out of immediate danger. Sgt Nesbit used a flat bottom rowboat to rescue the dog as fire fighters retrieved the homeowner from the pedal boat. The fire fighters then helped Sgt Nesbit get back to shore.

“This residence has a large pond beside and behind it. The homeowners had let their three (3) year old dog outside as they normally do. About 10 minutes later they heard a moaning wail from the dog and, using a flashlight, could see the dog’s eyes in the pond, struggling just above the ice line. The male homeowner tried to push his small pontoon pedal boat out to rescue the dog when he broke through the ice and fell into about 5 feet of water. The homeowner climbed up on the pedal boat but could not maneuver the boat due to the ice.” – ICFD Fire Chief Kip Reaves

Imlay City Fire fighters used ropes and slings to reach the pedal boat and pulled the boat and passenger, over the ice, to the shore. The homeowner was wet and very cold but not hurt. Both homeowners were checked over by LC – EMS. Sgt Nesbit had the dog in the boat but was still in the middle of the pond. One ICFD firefighter broke through the ice trying to throw a rope to Sgt Nesbit. That firefighter was unhurt but soaked. Using the rope he was trying to throw, firefighters pulled him into shore and put him into a warm fire truck.

Attica firefighters in ice rescue suits, took a retrieval rope out to the boat to assist getting the Sgt, the dog and the boat back to shore. About half way to the boat, the ice gave way and the Attica ice rescue firefighter then had to crawl and swim the rest of the way out to the boat. Once the row boat was secured by the rope, all were pulled back in by onshore firefighters.

“We had quite a conversation with the homeowner about thin ice and the recent tragedy at Stanton Lake in Arcadia Twp. The homeowner confided that he knew the dangers, but the dog is their pet and very important to them. That is quite understandable. Thanks to Attica Twp FD for having the right equipment and training to get the job done smoothly and safely, it all went well.” – ICFD Fire Chief Kip Reaves

We’d like to reiterate how unsafe the ice is right now. We need to be extra careful. Warn your children and watch your pets. Dogs have been known to chase squirrels onto the ice and skid right into open water or break through the ice.” – ICFD Fire Chief Kip Reaves

Authority – Imlay City Fire Chief Kip Reaves, 19 February 2012

Contact 810.724.6262

M-24 Public Meeting Scheduled in Lapeer

From MDOT:

Contact: Anita Richardson, MDOT Office of Communications,
989-754-0878, ext. 227
Agency: Transportation
WHAT: An open house-style public meeting to provide information about the M-24 reconstruction project in Lapeer County, expected to begin in 2013.

WHO: Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) staff
Community representatives
Interested residents

WHEN: Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2011
5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

WHERE: Lapeer City Hall
Commission Chambers
576 Liberty Park

Special accommodations: 989-658-4029, ext. 310

BACKGROUND: This open house will provide an opportunity for the public to meet with MDOT staff and ask questions about the M-24 reconstruction project. The project will extend from just south of I-69 north to Nepessing Street in Lapeer, and includes work on the bridge over Farmers Creek.

Public input is being sought to help MDOT recognize and address any concerns regarding this proposed work.

MDOT reminds drivers: Snowplows need room to groom