National EMS Week 2019

Emergency Medical Services is a vital aspect of public safety and the job of the people performing these duties are absolutely critical to every citizen in our communities.

From the medical first responders, emergency medical technicians, basic, specialist, and paramedics to the hospital staff of nurses and doctors these are the people not only trained but dedicated to saving our lives. One of the promises of The Hippocratic Oath includes “first do no harm”. It is this promise that promotes the level of care you provide to patients in need of medical treatment. It comes with an outstanding attitude, care, and concern for our safety and well being when we are in need the most that you give us.

With your dedication to duty and extensive training, you are there 24 hours a day ready to jump in and save a life when the call comes. Whether it is from a terrible vehicle crash, an assault or other medical ailments we know that you are prepared and willing to be there for us and give us another chance at life.

That excellence in care and training that you exhibit every day when responding to citizens in need is greatly appreciated. We take this entire week to recognize and thank you for your tireless loyalty to the training required and the duty to respond to save lives.
Jeffrey Satkowski Executive Director