LCCD Press Release

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During the most recent Ice Storm and Snow Storms that Lapeer County experienced we found the value of cooperation between Lapeer County Central Dispatch, Police, Fire, EMS and the Lapeer County Road Commission. Having all agencies on the same radio system proved to be invaluable. When someone needed an ambulance, fire or police the Road Commission was there to assist clearing the road to the emergency. By everyone being on the new Lapeer County Central Dispatch Digital 800 MHz system, we were able to communicate immediately, without delay, the needs of the emergency agencies. All Emergency personnel put in many extra hours assisting the people of Lapeer County. My thanks go out to all Lapeer County Central Dispatch personnel, Fire Departments, Police Departments, and Emergency Medical Service agencies along with the Road Commission for a job well done.

DTE crews mobilized in Lapeer County at the Lapeer East High School during the ice storm and restored power much sooner than expected for most people. Lapeer County Central Dispatch had a dispatcher that was specifically assigned to working with DTE reporting all hazardous downed power lines. Police and Fire Departments were able to respond quickly where needed.

Victor A. Martin
Lapeer County Central Dispatch
Phone: (810) 667- 0217 Ext 3