Press Release: Attempted Child Abduction

MI_-_State_Police_logoOn Tuesday September 3rd at approximately 2:20 pm, Troopers from the Lapeer Post responded to a residence in the town of Silverwood to investigate an attempted child abduction. The 12 year old child was working in his yard cleaning a shed when the suspect approached him. The child did not see the suspect until he began speaking and offered to help him.

The suspect then told the child he could take him to a better place and asked the child to come with him. The child ran away from the man and into the house. An adult who was home at the time ran outside and called 911 but did not see the suspect. The suspect may have been driving a white full sized pickup truck that was seen near the residence at the time of the incident. The child was unsure of the make or model. An area wide broadcast with the description of the suspect and vehicle was sent to all law enforcement agencies in the surrounding counties.

The suspect is described as follows:

  • Tanned white male, 30-40 years old, approximately 5’11” with athletic build
  • Short dark hair styled with gel product forward to a point
  • A short stubble beard with trimmed goatee
  • A scar approximately 3 inches long was observed on the right side of the suspects neck
  • The suspect was wearing a dark orange t-shirt and blue jeans. The child described the suspect as having a deep voice and a bigger nose.

Forensic Artist D/Trooper Jessica Walton was requested to compose a sketch of the subject. See attachment.

Anyone who may have information that may assist with the identification of the suspect is asked to call the Michigan State Police Lapeer Post at 810-664-2905

Download PDF of suspect sketch