New Police Data System

Last week we deployed our new data system for police in-car computers using Sprint USB Internet air cards and NetMotion’s Mobility XE VPN software.

20120414-173753.jpgAs part of our system upgrades, we partnered with local Lapeer/Genesee Sprint dealer, Intouch Communications for Internet air cards to provide high-speed connectivity from the patrol car back to Central Dispatch’s servers.

Providing an encrypted, secure path through the Internet to our servers is the mobile VPN software NetMotion Mobility XE, which we secured through a federal Homeland Security grant.

Local law enforcement agencies along with the Michigan State Police, who are deploying and integrating their own air card system with Lapeer County Central Dispatch, are very pleased with the go-anywhere, high-speed access to run their applications in the car.

Our old proprietary Motorola closed network data system had been running for the last 15 years, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and in a most odd coincidence, had quit working altogether quite literally as the last police department was picking up their new air cards at Dispatch. This system was scheduled to be turned off and removed in 2 weeks.

The old systems speed was at a mind-numbing slow speed of 9kbps, much slower than the old 56k dial up modems from the 1990’s through 2000’s. That system was also bound to the borders or range of our radio towers within the county.

The new system with Sprint, allows officers to travel out of county and still maintain a connection with Dispatch.

With this much faster system, we will be working on bringing more tools and applications to the officers in their cars, such as full LEIN/NCIC access, crash reporting and other police reporting programs. This will increase the officers efficiency and timeliness in the field while on calls.