Project Update

We have started paying part of the system costs to Motorola and microDATA with the money received from the bonds. $3,896,664.90 has been paid to Motorola and $147,821.47 went to microDATA. microDATA is the company we are getting our NG9-1-1 telephone system from.

The site acquisition is still ongoing and lease agreements and technical details of each site have been sent to the various places where sites are going in. Approvals for all of them are expected to come along in the next couple of months.

The Lapeer County Road Commission will be assisting us with the land development needed at the Burnside site. They’ll be able to do the work at a fraction of the cost that a hired contractor would charge.

We have a number of change orders already in the project and they currently amount to a savings of about $56K. Plus we found that we can reuse some parts of the current system in the new one thus saving another estimated $60K. These parts are called TRAK 9100’s and work to synchronize the tower sites together. These are fairly new as we had to replace an older component just a few years ago with them.

It is looking like we will light up the voice and paging systems with 7 sites initially and then bring on the remaining two paging sites shortly thereafter. This is due to the reuse of existing shelters and other things from the current system. Once the new system is online and the old one offline, we can start moving things around for the last two sites. This won’t occur until late in 2012 as it looks right now. We will go from 3 voice/paging sites to 7 voice/paging sites then finally, 7 voice and 9 paging sites when completed.

Renovation of the dispatch room is slated for this fall and the flooring we chose is not only from an American company, but a Michigan-based company out of Grand Rapids. We feel good about this choice in that we will be putting $17,500 back into the Michigan economy.