Minor Microwave & Telephone Problems

Over the weekend a part of the microwave system failed. The path from Lapeer to Imlay City kept fading on the ‘A’ side. The ‘B’ side which is the backup to the ‘A’ side took over seamlessly and users were unaware of the problem. The system did as it was designed to do. ComSource came out and worked on Saturday and then came back on Monday to complete work. Initial checks showed no problems, but there was evidence of one. Special software had to be acquired to read parts of the system to find the problem component. It was found that a power amplifier was the cause. A spare was on hand from our purchase of parts a few years ago. Both the ‘A’ & ‘B’ sides of the path are up and running again. A new replacement spare will be purchased to have on hand.

Microwave Power Amplifier

On Monday some users in the Imlay City area experienced a very quick “out of range” alert on their radios while ComSource replaced the amplifier and switched the paths back and forth for testing purposes.

At the same time, but unrelated, our telephone system was experiencing problems as well. Many calls to the center, both 9-1-1 and non-emergency calls were coming in full of static and would often disconnect during the call. Our phone system provider ProTel was contacted and monitored the system. Nothing was found to be amiss within our system locally and it was determined to be an issue outside of the center and with AT&T. The problem was cleared up by Sunday.