Project Update

Bonds for the millage were secured last week at a great interest rate of 3.043% over the life of the bond. The good rate is due in part to Lapeer County’s AA rating. The transfer of money should take place next week.

Site procurement is still ongoing. Agreements have been sent out to some of the localities along with site plans and equipment lists for their approval. Negotiations for the North Branch site are ongoing.

Motorola and the MPSCS will be reviewing all of the plans and equipment lists in the next two weeks and after that, they will be presented to the County for approval. Once that is done and the sites are secured with local agreements, construction can begin.

A vendor has been selected to provide flooring for the dispatch center which will soon be brought to the Authority Board and County Board of Commissioners for approval. If approved, the flooring will be from not only an American company, but a Michigan company based out of Grand Rapids. The flooring initially proposed to us is produced in Switzerland. We would be very happy to make our flooring purchase from the Grand Rapids company where the investment will support America and Michigan.

We will also be adding to the Lapeer tower a much needed antenna for the local HAM operators who assist public safety during exercises and disasters.

Off topic:
We were able to work with our CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) vendor on the cost of our software maintenance agreement and they agreed to grant us 10% off of our CAD and Mobile solutions and 25% off our Fire RMS (Records Management System). This presents the 9-1-1 center with a significant savings on our contracts and is very helpful in these tough economic times.