Project Update

Since the passage of the millage we have been working closely with Motorola to find the best solution for tower placement to give us the desired level of coverage throughout the county among other components of the system.

The Technical Advisory Committee is looking at all available options in putting together the needed systems and components. Motorola is the sole provider for infrastructure on the MPSCS, but many other pieces of the system can be purchased from other vendors.

The committee wants to look at all the options and ensure that we get the right products we need at the best price.

No construction has started at all. We are still in the planning stages. We are still very concerned about our aging system and we are monitoring it closely as we have been in the past. We are attempting to move quickly on the new system, but want to take the time to be sure we get what we need and not buy things that are either over priced or things that aren’t necessary.