Missed Page Form & Map

Over the weekend we developed a web form for firefighters and EMS personnel to fill out any time they miss a page or experience a poor quality one.

The form is found on the Lapeer County Fire Association and Lapeer County EMS websites at www.lapeercofireassoc.org/missedpage.htm and www.lcems.org/missedpage.htm, respectively.

When users make a submission, we get the email results and then plot them on a publicly available Google map to show where the problems are occurring the most. We then, along with Blumerich and Motorola, will use the information to troubleshoot the issues with the paging system and hopefully if the millage passes tomorrow, will use the same information to design a new paging system and provide data for better tower placement.

The maps are located at www.lapeercofireassoc.org/pagemap.htm and www.lcems.org/pagemap.htm.