Paging System Update

This week Blumerich Communications (our radio shop) installed a power supply for what we call the “page bridge” which is the unit that failed in March that brought the entire system down. When that happened we installed the only spare power supply we had to bring the system back up and that left us without a spare backup.

Blumerich found another one on eBay and purchased it as is. They tested it and it seemed to work. Then they brought it out this week and installed it to make sure it worked on our system and it did. It ran a little hot (high voltage) but within specification. They took it back out and tuned it down and then put the original power supply back in.

So right now we have a spare power supply again for the page bridge. As we are well aware, it is a used part of equal age of the system and has no warranty. Therefore when and if it is needed, there is no guarantee that it will work for long. But at least we have a backup unit again.

Also we ordered two new power supplies from Motorola for the nucleolus that failed in Lapeer last weekend and we’ll have them in hand on Tuesday.